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How can we: "Survive The Day" ?
This Web-site is dedicated to providing resources for all
humans to survive life on planet Earth in the comming years

Depleting Earth's Resources

As we destroy our planet, it becomes more and more difficult to grow food. We have already burnt down half of our rain forests to grow food. We have already attained unsustainable fishing in our waters. We are destroying our farmland soil at a rate of 6 times over the sustainable rate. The soil is damaged so badly that chemical fertilizers are needed to get food to grow at all. The chemical fertilizers are running off into our oceans and killing the fish. Food will become more difficult to get.

With our modern food production, it takes ten times as much energy to produce food as the energy provides to our bodies when we eat it. If you were in a survival situation and this were the case, you would die within three weeks. After man’s ability to farm 10 thousand years ago, we have begun to destroy our soil. Many past civilizations have disappeared because they depleted their resources and killed each other.

This is happening now, but on a global scale. No matter how bad you may think things are getting: It is much worse. There may come a day when a gang comes down your street stopping at each house. When they come to your house, they will kill you and your wife, rape your daughter, and take all your food.

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