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How can we: "Survive The Day" ?
This Web-site is dedicated to providing resources for all
humans to survive life on planet Earth in the comming years
Loss of Freedom
Loss of our freedom
  • Move toward communism
  • Constant fear of disobedience
  • People turning into sheep
High Costs
Out of control inflation
  • High stress
  • Reduced standard of living
High Taxes
Massive Taxes
  • Increased government waste
  • Reduced standard of living
  • Greater corruption
Rising Crime
Increasing crime rate
  • Loss of freedom
  • Life of feer
  • Increased Taxes
Poor Health
Poor Health
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of responsability
  • Corrupt System
Destruction of our Planet
Destroying our planet
  • Bad farming practices
  • Food waist
  • Over population

What does the future hold?

No matter what your thoughts are on crime, climate change, and the economy, one thing is certain: It is difficult for most people to get by. Much talk is taking place regarding the health of our planet. It is hard to know who to believe since most news people and politicians are untruthful. News people are paid indirectly from advertisers who ultimately control all news content. Politicians operate by making you think there is a problem, and then making you think they are going to solve it. None of them can be trusted. What we do know is that life can be a struggle and it seams to be getting worse.

This web-site is dedicated to the mission of helping people with their daily struggles.

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