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How can we: "Survive The Day" ?
This Web-site is dedicated to providing resources for all
humans to survive life on planet Earth in the comming years

Save the Planet

Do your Part

The truth is that the government cannot solve the problem. If you are one of those wining people that is expecting the government to solve anything; you need to wake up.
The governemnt has no money (only the money it steals out of your paycheck). The only thing the government can do is force you to fix the problem.

We will have to fix it.
The Garden

What can we do?

We are currently operating with processes that are not sustainable. Sustainability is characterized by a practice that sustains a given condition, without destroying or depleting natural resources. A population that is sustainable meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Resources are finite and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences.

If we are destroying the planet at a rate faster that it can heal, then we have a problem. If the number of fish in the ocean is decreasing, then we have a problem. If we need to burn down half our rainforests to feed people, then we have a problem. If our soil is becoming less healthy, then we have a problem.

Many people have this idea that technology will solve the problems. The truth is that technology is the reason the problems have occurred. People in the government have meetings and talk a lot. The fact is that it is up to us, not the government. The first step is to become educated about the issue. We need to work together and know the truth. It is difficult to solve a problem if people lie about it. People lie about it because they are paid to lie about it. The result of the research is known before the research begins. This is because someone is paying for the research. A scientist must come up with the correct results to keep getting funding. The correct results have nothing to do with the truth. If the government pays for research, then the results of the research must show a problem. If it does not show a problem, then there is no need for further study. The researcher gets no more funding.

I’m not saying that all research is bogus, just that most of it is. I’m not saying that climate change is not real, because it definitely is. The only question is how much is due to our technologies, and how bad things will get. The last time the planet reached it’s high temperature point was 100,000 years ago. There is no one to ask what it was like then. I am not all this hung up on climate change, because there are many ways in which we humans are destroying our planet. Climate change may be influenced by these ways. I know that to feed 8 billion people, we must make extreme sacrifices or destroy the planet: one or the other.

The Garden
All of the damages that we each do, times the number of people doing the damage, is equal to the total destruction.
How do we save the planet?
It's not rocket science
1. Reduce the bad things we do
2. Reduce the number of people

So: what should we do then?
The first one, The second one, or both?
Once again, it’s not complicated.
How many people we can sustain on the planet simply depends on how much we want to sacrifice our luxuries.

What are the bad things?