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We are loosing our freedom

People become willing to give up freedom when they become scared. This is unfortunate, but true.

Everyone is a salesman. We all need to sell something every day. Maybe it’s not a product like you think of salespeople selling, but maybe it’s an idea, or maybe you need to sell your abilities to a potential employer. Whatever it may be, we need to use some sales skills. Politicians continuously need to sell you on the idea that they should keep their job. News people need to not report the news, but to sell the news. They need to continuously have you watch their show. The sad fact is that the selling techniques used do not include the truth, or at least the “Whole Truth”. You are continuously fed misleading information.

A very powerful sales technique is to use fear. You watch the news because you are afraid. You are afraid that bad things will happen. The reported news is intentionally written by writers that are trying to sell you, not inform you. Politicians have no intention of fixing things. They only care about making you think they are doing something to help. If the government can scare you, then they can control you.

There are people in the government that are continuously trying to take away our freedom of free speech. In socialist countries and communist countries people do not have the right to speak out. People are in constant fear of saying something that will get them killed. Be aware. Notice what people in government are limiting free speech. They are communists.

If you lose your freedom, you lose your spirit. A complete man has a mind, a body, and a spirit. 2/3 of a man is .666 of a man. "There will come a wise man, that will calculate the number."

The take over

No fighting is necessary, however, once people realize they are in danger of losing their spirit, they may choose to fight. The Civil War was over freedom. If it were to happen again it would also be over freedom. I hope to God that no fighting occurs. If you are dependent on the government, you are a slave to the government. We have a government that wants to take your money and spend it for you. You are too stupid to know how to spend your own money. You are a sheep. We need a free economy; we are not sheep.

If you wanted to take control of the United States, what would you do?

Step one is to get the people to fight amongst themselves. Take notice of people intentionally trying to make something out of nothing. Step two is to take over the media, the schools, and the TV/movies. All three of these have already been taken over by communists. These three institutions have the ability to shape your thoughts. They are all trying to promote communism. Step three is to create fear. Defund the local police. Have federal police (militant control /Fascism) under the power of the ruling class do the policing. You do not need to force people to be free. You only need to force people to be sheep.

There is much more to it. It can't be all said here.

What can we do?

Vote for FREEDOM
not comunism