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How can we: "Survive The Day" ?
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High Crime

There may come a day when a gang comes down your street stopping at each house. When they come to your house, they will kill you and your wife, rape your daughter, and take all your food.

As things become more and more difficult for people, our safety will become more critical.


The majority of people are paid to say things. What they say depends on who is paying them to say it. The truth has no bearing.

When the government sets criminals free from prison - when the government makes it legal to loot stores - when the government prevents police from doing their job; our safety and our freedom become lost. At the same time the government is making things less safe, they are making it more difficult for you to provide your own safety. If the government can keep you in fear, they can turn you into a sheep. You will except the life as a sheep because you are afraid. Your spirit is lost.

What can we do?

It is becoming more and more apparent that the government cannot be trusted to help us. We must consider our own safety. It has always been the people that make things happen. Governments have always made things worse. The government has turned us against the police instead of encouraging us to work with the police. We must regain the trusting relationship with police and honest citizen.

We cannot solve any problem when people are lying about the problem. The first thing to do is recognize that you are being lied to. News people are only actors. They read a script that is handed to them. Media is a business. They must have customers to stay in business. They keep customers by making them afraid. The news must always show things as bad. All people working in media are paid by advertisers. The news must favor advertisers. The bottom line is that news people are paid to lie. My definition of lie is to intentionaly misslead people. The media has been completely taken over by communists.

If I were the leader of a country wanting to take over the United States, I would infiltrate three things. The media, the schools, and TV/movies. These are the ways to control people’s thoughts. Why is it that all three are 90% Democrat? Why are these people anti American and anti Freedom?

In order to survive it will become increasingly important to stick together. Why is it that the government, the media, and the schools are continuously getting people angry with one another? This is one of the first steps in a takeover. Get people to fight against each other. We must not allow it to happen. Don’t believe the lies they are telling you. We are all free and equal. Anyone talking hate or making you hate is evil. Do not listen to them.

We must reestablish the Neighborhood Watch system. There are also internet social neighborhood groups. We must stay connected. There will be more to come on this so stay tuned. The gangs are already organized. They will conquer us because we are fighting against one another instead of grouping. We must gain back our police. They have been demonized by the communists in government and with the media.

Some churches, like the LDS church have plans. If you are a church you should have your members be organized in the event of civil unrest.

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