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How can we: "Survive The Day" ?
This Web-site is dedicated to providing resources for all
humans to survive life on planet Earth in the comming years

Rising Costs

There are four things that influence inflation.:
1. Normal (typically controlled to 2.5%) inflation due to corrupt banking system.
2. Government printing extra money
3. Forcing an unnatural increase of the minimum wage
4. Increase in the amount of theft
The brocken Dollar

The majority of people are paid to say things. What they say depends on who is paying them to say it. The truth has no bearing.

It is beyond the scope of this writing to give a detailed explanation.

Due to our system of lending, money that doesn’t really exist is created. This added buying power chasing after goods creates a greater demand which drives up prices.

The government has no money. This is something that people need to understand. Anything the government does, is with money that is stolen from your paycheck. If the government gives free health care, it is by stealing money from your paycheck and giving you a small amount back for health care. Since the government is at best 20% efficient, most of the money is wasted and a small amount ends up helping with your healthcare (if any). If the government gives free tuition, it is by stealing money from your paycheck and giving you a small amount back for education. This is the case with all that government does. It does not matter what, when, or where; in every case, you are the one that pays for it one way or another.

For massive money giveaways, the government cannot steal enough from your paycheck. The government needs to print excess money. This excess money in circulation creates a demand for products, driving up the cost of goods. So, the money is not stolen from your paycheck, but you still pay in the form of higher prices. Again, I will say; it does not matter what or how the government does; you end up paying for it.

There is a law of economics. It is the “Law of Supply and Demand”. The price of things is affected by the availability of things, and the demand for them. This also holds true for the cost of labor. If there is a large supply of unskilled uneducated people, then the amount that an employer will pay is low. If it is difficult to get help, then an employer must pay more to get what limited supply is available. This is a simple law of nature. You cannot fight nature. People are paid what they are worth.

If you force people to be paid more than they are worth, something must happen to get nature back on track. The only thing the nature of the economy can do to fix this issue is for prices to increase. Once the prices go up, the people are once again paid what they are worth, and nature is happy. We have established a new equilibrium. We have accomplished nothing except to screw retired people.

The consumers of goods (us people), pay a price for the things we buy. That price is always above the store’s cost. For the store to stay in business, it must make some profit. This profit is usually about 10% above the store’s cost of goods plus all its expenses (including taxes, wages, and insurance). If you raise taxes on a business, it will pass the cost on to you. Whatever theft occurs at a store you will have to pay for it. If you do not pay for the theft, the store will not be able to remain in business.

If the government makes it legal for people to steal goods from the stores, then it makes sense that the cost of goods will increase. If the government instructs the police to let people steal, then it also makes sense for costs to go up. If the government sets criminals free, it makes sense for costs to go up. Whatever bad happens, you must pay for it one way or another.

People Need Our Help

We have people in this country that need help. We have government programs to address this issue, and our tax dollars pay for them. This is a necessary thing. The way things are done has many problems and there is a lot of corruption.

We here cannot solve all the problems; however, we will have a section to show government resources to those needing assistance. Also, the goal of this web site is to help people survive the day. This is especially intended for those struggling financially. Most of the problems that exist are due to corruption in the government. It is up to us people to make things work.

Throughout this internet site, we are sharing with you, ways to survive in difficult times. We have come up with a plan for making meals that are aimed to solve 6 things. Not all 6 things are solved in every case. In making meals there are always trade-offs between one thing and another. The 6 things we are trying to achieve are:

1. Low cost
2. Better taste
3. Better nutrition
4. Fewer harmfull addatives
5. Less waist
6. Better storability

Follow us on an exciting journey

We do not knock anything. All foods out there serve a purpose. We will look at them all.

1. Restaurant meals
2. Fast food meals
3. Frozen meals
4. Canned meals
5. Food truck meals
6. Store-bought (deli) meals
7. Street meals
8. Shelf-stable meals

We will purchase the meal, take it apart, analize it, compile the data, and share what we find with you.

Check out what we have