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Tactical Bush Gear is an outdoors/preparedness equipment brand dedicated to serving and providing the population with the resourcefulness needed to be able and capable of surviving and thriving on any exploration, anywhere you go. We offer a variety of premium equipment for outdoors enthusiasts as well as a variety of quality content and information for anyone looking to learn outdoor survival skills. We believe in staying prepared for any circumstance no matter the difficulty level. Whether you're a wilderness expert or just a casual camper, we have the proper quality equipment and information for you to stay prepared on your adventure.
Our Mission: To assist the community with the resourcefulness needed to stay prepared for any circumstance no matter the difficulty level, whether you're locally exploring the local neighborhood or in the great outdoors having fun on an adventure. Our Goals and Philosophy: Our present day environment is constantly changing and we need to be changing along with it. When changes happen, we need to be ready to adapt and ready to grow. Life is about improvement so we want to encourage others to get out, stay safe, have fun, and continue learning.

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We provide the tools to do so and show you the way. Our videos, blogs, and other content are all highly educational and developed by a team of credible experts. The skills and knowledge you will receive in these lessons have all been applied and executed by many proffessionals and experts alike; including by our very own team, over years of training, practice and experience.