Outdoor Training Schools

Links to Schools

Aboriginal Living Skills (AZ)
Adventure Out (CA)
Alderleaf Wilderness Coll (WA)
American Survival (FL)
Anasazi Foundation (AZ)
Ancestral Knowledge (MD)
Ancient Pathways (CO)
Arizona Hikig Shack (AZ)
Boulder Outdoor Survival (UT)
Bush Mechanics Survival (UT)
California Survival School (CA)
Coalcracker Bushcraft (PA)
Coast Tactical Training (CA)
Colorado Mountain Man Svl
Coyne Survival Schools
Cuma survival school (IL)
Deer Hill Foundation (CO)
Earthworks Wilderness Svl (MA)
First Earth Wilderness Scl (MO)
Itchatad Outdoors Survival Scl
Jack Mountain Bushcraft (MN)
Kodiak survival school (AK)
Kroka Expeditions (NH)
Learn to Return (AK)
Main primitiveskills School (ME)
Mountain Scout Survival (NY)
Mountain Shepherd Svl (VA)
Nantahala Outdoor Center (NC)
NatureBridge (CA)
Nolichucky Outdoor Inst (TX)
NOLS Expeditions (WY)
Northcamp Survival (CT)
Northwest Survival School (WA)
Owl Eyes Wilderness Svl (MA)
Practical Primitive (KY)
Primal Survivor (CT)
Reevis Mountain School (AZ)
REI Classes
Sarcraft (GA)
School of Self-Reliance (CA)
Self Reliance Outfitters (IN)
SERE training (CA)
SheJumps Wild Skills
Sigma Survival School (MO)
Strategic Self Reliance (TN)
Survival Gear BSO
Survival University (CO)
Teaching Drum Outdoor Scl (WI)
Texas Survival School (TX)
The Human Path (TX)
The Tracker School (NJ)
Urban Survival Academy (FL)
The Woodsrunner School (SC)
Thomas Coyne Survival (CA)
Timberline Academy (CN)
Trackers Earth (OR)
True North Wilderness Svl (PA)
Twin Eagles (ID)
Lifesong Wilderness Advtr (OR)
Wilderness Awareness Scl (WA)
Raven Wilderness School (MA)
Wilderskills (CA)
Yost Survival Skills (WI)
Michigan Folk School (MI)
Old School Survival (OH)
Survival Shelter


In recent years humans have become instinctivly aware that serious trouble is near. In responce to this, many survival schools have sprung up.

A list of most is given above. If you have a school and do not see your school on the list, you can contact us. If you see your school on the list and do not wish to be included, you can contact us. We aim to please.